The graffiti artist SOKAR UNO has his roots in Gotha/ Germany, where he was born in 1987. Already during his childhood days, he started to play around with the letters of his name by writing them in multiple artistic manners.

The discovery of graffiti in the streets did not only influence his artistic development, it influenced his whole life up to the present day. The apprenticeship as a design draftsman and the occasional job as a conservator he thereby never perceived as his real profession. They were rather part of the evolvement of becoming a professional artist. 

Taking a closer look at SOKAR UNO’s work – at the faces and characters of his portraits – the observer may notice the art’s realistic component permanently shifting into an emotional image.

To create these images, SOKAR UNO uses spray cans and paint rollers. In his paintings the artist metaphorically processes his personal encounters and experiences in several ways: directly, fragmented and by transferring them  into projections of an inner world of emotions. The human being is always his medium, the translator. We as the observers are familiar with the object’s outer shell, we recognize it and believe to be able to read it. Meanwhile, it discloses a second layer behind its obvious façade. By unmasking and by breaking the characters surfaces, the artist lets us gain an insight in their inner life.