F*ck  Art


Group Exhibition

Curated by Chelsea Ramirez and Samuel Bennett

Image Gallery is proud to present F*ck Art, a group exhibition contextualizing every day desires as it straddles the intimate, private and the public arena.

Through painting, photography, or just sex, F*ck Art combines artist’s portrayals of real sex between real people, tan lines included.  The set definition of sex is nonexistent, though society attempts to set certain wants as more normal: routine sex for the average person as shown on daytime TV.  In actuality, fixation and means for arousal spread from degenerate to appropriate, from vanilla to raunchy, from conservative to kink opening dialogues of taboo, quirks, and flat-out perverse behavior.

Sexy is not always safe, and lust is sometimes purposely aggressive, expressing suppressed and marginalized demeanors that are not mainstream.  The current culture of sex sits legs spread, wide open and filled with ever-changing media trends that just tip the surface of the animalistic and lewdness impulsively, inherent to society.

Please join us for the reception on February 15th  from 7 to 10 p.m. at Image Gallery located at 1501 Broadway in Brooklyn NY. The hours are Monday - Saturday 1 to 7. For further information, contact the gallery at 1(718) 439-4807 or email sbennett_4@yahoo.com or chelsearmrz@gmail.com


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Todd Bienvenu             

Lara Goetzl

David Rogers                   

Maian Tran               

Alexandra Fuller             

Lynne Rutherford            

James Kane                  

Justin Brooks                                

Marla Hernandez                          

Cory Rice                                       

Noelle Timmons                          

Kelsey Lynn                                   

Andrew McCoy                           

Gaspar Marquez                           

Melanie Lee