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Art and Hustle Culture: The Movement

Founder and artist Linda Cheung and partner and photographer/videogapher Dave Harper are renowned artists that strive to dedicate A&HC to artists in all forms of ART and the HUSTLE required to exhibit creativity. It is a collaborative pivotal component in helping to expand the art culture to a younger and broader demographic.

“Art & Hustle is a collaborative effort between  my partner Linda Cheung and I. She is a multimedia artists and I am a videographer and music producer. We both have a passion to support and encourage people to trust their dopeness and not only go into their creative zone, but create and show it to the world. So we want to give those artists a platform to show their creativity and network.  It takes a lot of courage and hustle to show anyone let alone a room full of strangers something you created.” - Dave Harper

Controlled Chaos: Curated by Linda Cheung

Chaos Series I

Chaos Series III

B.I.G & Hip Hop Party

Chaos Series II


Chaos Series IV