About Artist

Mr. Self Made began his career as a creative consultant and marketing director for several brands and corporations. His work over the past 15 years span from everything from creative campaigns for Pepsi to mixtape and album artwork for Gucci Mane. He is also a clothing designer and has created Cut and Sew designs that have been worn by August Alsina, Chris Brown and Drake to name a few.

Mr. Self Made was quoted saying:

"I feel blessed to have people all over the world that actually know of my work and offer platforms to display my work. I usually see something in my head long before I create it. Thats my actual gift, I'm great at seeing something in my head then finding the resources or mediums to bring them into existence for the world to see. I like to utilize any medium imaginable, I don't like to limit my creativity or imagination in any way. I enjoy the utilization of repetitive imaging and and double and triple entendres as the underlying message in my art. I want to inspire the future creatives and teach them that they are only limited by their imagination."


Social Media:

IG: @mrselfmade- Art

IG: @sheronbarber- Photography