Image Gallery is proud to present "Dopamine." The new exhibition by Brooklyn based artist Morgan Winter. With an opening reception Friday May 12th from 7-10pm. The exhibition will run until June 7th. 

DOPAMINE is the result of a fascination with the connection of consciousness and physicality. The body of work ranges in feel and style. This includes abstract pieces are that are highly process-based. They begin with one or two established elements, from which forms are built and weaved together and around each other. They become tangled, pulsing, alive. The compositions are attempts to visualize that which is unseen- emotions, energy, and consciousness. By borrowing patterns found in nature - how water flows and blood veins branch and converge - the paintings take on elements with a vague visual familiarity to express metaphysical contemplations. Pieces cross over into pop-art inspired vignettes in indulgent, pastel and candy-colored canvases that are impulsive, pleasurable representations of brains, pills, eyes, and other body parts - a light hearted take on the vessels that facilitate the aforementioned existential ruminations.


About the Artist

Morgan Winter is a New York City based artist, working out of her studio in scenic Bushwick. She is a multi-disciplinary, self-taught visual artist who has extensive practice with pen & ink illustration, site specific mural work, and painting. She has exhibited her work at the Seventh Letter Gallery in Los Angeles, at Art Basel Miami, as well as the Jeffrey Breslow Gallery in Chicago among others.