Image Gallery is proud to present "Domestic Encounters." The new exhibition by artist Samuel Bennet. With an opening reception Friday April 14th from 7-10pm. The exhibition will run on till May 11th. 

The series Domestic Encounters circles around concepts that deal with gender identity, sexuality and domesticity as it informs the mediated space of painting. Using bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms as a backdrop I set the stage for performers to act out open ended narratives that remain ambiguous and abstract. In this non-linear language story lines are able to break out of uniform and hereronormative paths.

The show is comprised of smaller collage pieces on illustration boards and large scape paintings on Plastic vertical blinds. The consumer ready plastic vertical blinds that can be bought at any hardware store and were a way to go directly to the source and mirror the domestic back into the gallery. By hanging the blinds in space and painting two images on either side of the blinds, I was now setting up a duality between the two images that could either pair or juxtapose each other.Through alternatively hiding or exposing the seams between distinct images, I am able to create a non-linear language that exposes these in-between spaces.

Depending on your point of view, multiple interpretations of the same image now exist within the same space furthering this pluralism of a single image. Pattern and randomness are bound to one another but it takes the viewers involvement and a sense of exploration to find out what the images are revealing.



About the Artist

Artist Samuel Bennett lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Born in Michigan he attended Kendall College of Art and Design and holds a BFA and MFA from Michigan State University with a focus in painting. Here he was awarded the Stanley and Selma Hollander Graduate Fellowship in Studio Art along with Summer Research Development Fellowships. Bennett has exhibited locally and internationally, including, The Eli and Broad Art Museum, The Centro Villa of Mostoles (Spain), Amos Enos Gallery (Brooklyn), K & P Gallery (New York), International de Graficia (Venice, Italy), CODA Gallery, among other. Working between the mediums of painting, screen-prininting and collage his work revolves around dense layering of representational images that become abstracted and skewed as they build upon one another.