Image Gallery is proud to present "Decoded Beliefs." The new exhibition by the artistic duo OVRLNDS. With an opening reception Friday November 11th from 7-11pm. The exhibition will run on till December 7th. 

Hailing from the desert-like region of Chihuahua, in the north of Mexico, Miranda and Ramos enjoy the freedom from references that permeate the rest of the country. The region does not carry the weight of pre-Colombian art, being originally inhabited by nomadic tribes.

In the 90s, Contemporary influences of graffiti, punk and skate culture did make their way into Chihuahua. Ovrlndswas influenced by them all, as well as experiences like working viscerally in a grandfather’s cattle ranch orlistening to Vanilla Ice as a child in a pickup truck from a homemade cassette. 

Graffiti crews became prevalent in Chihuahua, and Ovrlndsrose from an initial interest in participating in the scene. Influences like European graffiti crew Etam Cru, Argentinian illustrator Dr. Alderete and local Chihuahua graphic design entities like Digital Diamonds and Folklore became influential in their work. From the initial impulse of graffiti, illustrative techniques became the north in creating work. 

Pop cultural references abound in Ovrlnds images, with the freedom of Cy Twombly’s hand and the use of acrylic and aerosol to create smooth surfaces and drenched color which represent a merging of five generations of design and illustration from Chihuahua.

Ovrlnds images has the impact of Dalí’s surrealism with the power of shamanic illustratios, leading the viewer into a magical place of shape-shifting image and meaning. 



About the Artists

The Ovrlnds collective is an instrument of the imagination. Daniel Miranda and Lizbeth Ramos collaborative seamlessly in the creation of art that defies classification. 

Ovrlnds start their work with a line trailing over canvas, wall or paper, heading on a search and destroy mission for form. Disconnecting from the ideas of preconceived image,and preliminary sketch, intuition dictates the flow of the medium, which brings forth the representation and distortion of characters. 

With a background in graphic design, having studied branding and packaging, the collective had its origins within its website, initially intended to cover travel to later verge into art making.