We have forgotten the physical


Curated by: sam Bennet

We have Forgotten the Physical displays an interest in the human, in technology and in cultural transformation. From pornography to prosthesis, digital to analog, the integration of flesh and plastic is changing how we view and operate our bodies. This altering of our physical and mental capacities confuses the lines of the human creating new definitions of identity, memory and subjectivity.

Looking into our laptops, smartphones, flat-screens televisions and tablets is enabling us to change our experience of images and how we consume them. With this constant mediation of the screen, the lines between our physical and virtual lives have blurred. We have learned that the body, its histories, and its fluidity are not fixed but that technology is opening up new forms.

Where is the line drawn? What does it mean to be an artist in the age of screens? Why continue painting? How has technology integrated itself into the process of making art? Through this exhibition we seek to explore the communication between human and technology using both abstract and representational languages.