Oakland-born documentarian, BrittSense will be having her solo exhibit, "222: The Forgotten Cities." However, the images in "222: The Forgotten Cities" go beyond the typical images of Atlantis, Machu Picchu or even Cahokia. Rather, these images are indicative of arguably deemed, alternative, forgotten cities and communities---communities of color.  

BrittSense, led by her 222Movement vision, documents forgotten communities and cities of melanin, in an effort to "bring awareness towards the individuals living inside and outside these areas by showing that we all share the same struggle and love." Britt's show will include images of such individuals and communities within Philly, Baltimore, Atlanta, New York and Oakland. Showcasing the beauty, depth and strength of melanin, BrittSense' exhibit seeks to embody her ever-growing compassion for melanated people and the empowerment of melanated people via their sense of knowledge of self-worth.