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Artcade Classics

For many of us during our childhood countless coins paid the way to far off imaginary lands. These worlds filled with eccentric characters, epic battles, and the chance to do it over and over again replaced our everyday reality. The glow of 8 bit technology filled our eyes as we dropped another coin in to take advantage of one more chance at victory. Then the 16 bit era ushered into our homes giving us unlimited lives. The cost of coins were traded for the health of our fingers and the next generation was born. As we grew older so did the technology, but nothing has ever come close to replacing those childhood heroes of our imagination.


Join us on April 10th as 20 artists revisit some of the greatest heroes and villains of arcade and video game history through their own artistic reinterpretations.

Featuring works by:

Alanna Vanacore, Alexus Yattakid, Anyha Grant, Danielle Covington, Estevon Garcia, Justin Gilzene, Kabriah Asha, Lina Hsiao, Mark Lawrence, Maximilian Mueller, Miss Zukie, Nikki Georgia Kontarakis, Peter Pryor, Shani Pleasants, Smurfo udirty, Sophie Rick, TypicalWill, Zera


This is IMAGE Gallery's Artcade Classic.





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